A/V Systems

Coupling ultimate sound with incredible design, Northern Support Services installs, services and maintains sound systems of every kind.

  • Equipped to sell all manner of speakers, from loud speakers to intercoms as well as background music, Northern Support Services integrates with companies such as Williams Sound as Soundtube Entertainment to give Alaskan’s the sound systems they need.
  • Priding ourselves as integrators of a multitude of different work aspects, our technicians can guarantee a speedy successful service as quickly as you our future client needs.
  • Included in Northern Support Services is their projects ranging from educational and correctional facilities, to hospitals and police stations. With our fully trained staff, we will be ready to service virtually any Alaskan workplace or residential domicile to the job’s end.
  • Providing installation is only the start of what Northern Support Services can do for you. If you need repairs done, our technicians will be happy to oblige.