Intercoms & Nursecall

Northern Support Services feels only just in our endeavoring mission to raise the roof of safety with the integration of nursecall and intercoms.

With reliability as a stapled first, Northern Support Services integrates your business as well as your home with a key safety feature.

  • As we implement new features into every new, continuing or revived project, this is our most key recommendation. It is important to know that a phone call in a workplace isn’t always looked upon as a suitable method, but with intercoms it becomes more than suitable, it becomes an almost natural manner of work life.
  • Work or in-home injuries happen. Aiming to always strive for reliability as well intricate technical brilliance, the quality and lasting nursecall provided by Aiphone is our go-to device to help alleviate work and home stress as you go throughout your day.
  • From school announcements, to overhead pages in an office setting, Northern Support Service is Alaska’s leading support integrator whose sole goal is making your workplace or home a shining beacon of safety.