Life Safety

Northern Support Services is an industry leading integrator in fire & life safety services to private/public facilities like yours across Alaska!

Northern Support Services provides Alaska with the best trained fire safety technicians statewide. With utmost diligence, our technicians display a humble but well learned and principled work manner.

  • All buildings: commercial, residential or otherwise all bring with them a degree of risk towards fire safety.
  • Our technicians, knowledgeable in fire and life safety are prepared to diagnose, inspect, install and perform upkeep on your fire protection systems.
  • Time constraints are no barrier to us. We break that barrier and blaze through even the largest projects (buildings) to serve the customer both quickly and efficiently.
  • We know that you will probably be busy working on your own projects while we work in your facilities, continue working as you do! We will work independently on our assigned task as you work on your own.