Northern Support Services: Fire Alarms - Security - Audio

Northern Support Services specializes in integrating Access Systems, Security, Surveillance Systems,  Sound, Intercom, Area of Rescue, Fire Alarm Systems, Wireless transmissions, Monitoring and Testing services. We support Electricians/NICET integrator’s with services of design, material and testing of systems. We focus on quality service and use versatile products.  Our product line is not based on proprietary systems locking the project into a limited resource.  We provide the tools to properly manage and support systems after they are installed/integrated.  We are familiar with many proprietary systems and can represent a controlled application or alternative to proprietary structures. It can be a hard task to get the right contractors and technicians for your job. The contractors need to have knowledge of a variety of industrial safety codes and requirements to ensure that they and their technicians can play by the requirements that will be put upon them, ours do just that!


Repairs: We provide either fixed rate or hourly. Rates are negotiable – we try to fit the need and earn our business.

Products: We provide EST/Edwards Systems, Sound Sphere, Avigilon, Pelco, Samsung, Mobotix, TOA, Bosch, Williams Sound, Key Scan, Bogen, and many other fine products!

Northern Support Services also provides Sure Call Certified Cell Booster Installations.


Design: We provide code studies as well as applications of systems and requirements.  Specifications written for correct applications and placements.

Submittals: We provide plans and sets for permitting, testing of systems, as built.

Installations: Northern Support Services will subcontract with partnered electricians to provide correct system applications.

Final Testing Programming: We provide testing of systems and finals for C/O.