Access Control/ Card Access Systems/ Entry Systems

NSS is an industry leading integrator in Access Control & Card Access services for private and public facilities like yours across Alaska!

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Access Control/ Card Access Systems/ Entry Systems

Northern Support Services INC. provides extensive high-end security systems and consultation services. Our projects include JBer, Military, Federal Data Base projects, Kenai Airport, Hospitals, Schools, KPC Campus, and small business applications.

Access Control Integration

Card Access systems provide controlled access, security, and accountability for protecting property and employees.

NSS has integrated many levels of access control, including Federal Applications, School Lock Down, Small business, and Complete Airport and Gate Controls. As well as a campus environment with multiple buildings and locations to control remotely.

Kenai Airport

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We provide FIPs-compliant systems and have simple-based products. Our design and concepts will mold to the business’s needs and growth.

NSS has supplied, supported, and designed multiple entry systems to interface with the security platform on a singular or integrated level. Networked or operator control of interfaced with telecoms systems—use of video, remote, or local operations.

Access Control Consult and Planning

We provide security consultation and planning for expansion and advanced integration of all platforms of security- migrating the camera VMS, security, and Access Control as a single operating system.

Our systems have the capability for the use of phones, dual authentication, retinal scan, or simple gate access. We have installed systems in extreme environments.

NSS has provided the Owner with the ability to manage and program their investment. Unlike other systems, our service fees and license fees can be from zero to minimal compared to other products.

We structure our systems to operate free or with cloud-based services so the Owner is not bound to cost burdens for simple operations. The products will allow expansion without proprietary products and enable other integrators to perform add-ons.

We aim to base our skills on the product and performance to demonstrate our skills. Earning your business and not owning the rights to your investment.

Access Control Products We support:

NSS has provided support for almost all systems. Please inquire about any not listed: Paxton, Lenel, Hirsch, Softwarehouse, Galaxy.

Access Control Systems

Increase safety and convenience at your organization with open, innovative, secure access control systems.

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